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Why Take Notes?

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Why take notes?

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting those horrendously awful grades in school? Now that you are growing up, which actually is a good thing, you are beginning to be more independent and more intelligent, but as you progress in school as you grow, trust me it will get harder and harder. It could even overwhelm you with all these difficult assignments and tests. You might even have no clue what to do it because you forgot what you learned in class these past few weeks, yet there is a way to fix this problem. Do you know this thing called taking notes in class? Notes are really important now that you have an over whelming amount of classes and assignments, notes can help you remember and understand all of your previous lessons for the final assignment.

But what is the point of writing notes? Notes are extremely essential now that you’re in middle school, your lessons only take one or two days, yet this means that you have to fully understand the concept of the lesson in a short period of time. For example, math class, all most all the lessons are one day lessons, and each day you have to learn a new thing. Most of the time in my experience, I get to points where I totally forget what I learned in the past week in math, with math you can’t just skip a lesson, like for example, you are learning for the first time about fractions, in the first lesson you learn what fractions are, but in the next lesson you learn how to add fractions. Pretend you skip the first lesson, and go straight to adding fractions. You will have completely no clue what you are doing in the second lesson, this ties in to notes as well, if you do not take notes, most likely you will forget what you learned in the past lessons, just like completely skipping a lesson. Notes can help you remember what you have forgotten about in a previous lesson. That is why notes are essential to students in higher grade levels.

Still why take notes if I can remember everything in my head? If you had perfect memory and straight A’s, I would believe you, but in most cases that is not possible. Because the overwhelming amount of lessons you would have had to remember would be an immense number. If I would have to ask you what you learned in math at the beginning of the school year, at the end of the school year, most likely you won’t



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