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Why Some Religious Groups Are Considered Minorities?

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Essay Preview: Why Some Religious Groups Are Considered Minorities?

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Pedro Susana

Multicultural America

Prof. Mundeke

Why some religious groups are considered minorities?

In America there is a very diverse mix of cultures, races and religions. Just like in any other group religion can be viewed as a minority because religion can also generate ingroup-outgroup stereotyping, misunderstandings, and conflict, just as race and ethnicity sometimes do. Within the United States there are over 1,500 religious groups. This could make for a lot of clashing. But with so many different groups how could we consider any of these a minority. The growth of religions in the United States has grown dramatically in the past 30 years making us the most religiously diverse country in the world.

We know that since the time of the Pilgrims the U.S. has become a sort of safe place for many religious groups fleeing persecution and seeking freedom. As we've seen in the early stages of a developing U.S. the way you were treated depended on your religious belief. Spiritual leaders also served to help community understanding as well as the economic and social welfare of their people. Even though all these measures have been taken to show others what their religious background is all about they haven't experienced religious tolerance in the U.S.

Any of the religions could be considered minorities depending on what you are basing them on. It could be on Economic welfare, place in Government, or social status, etc. For example Jewish Americans encountered anti-Semitic stereotyping and other actions. Even though they endured all these actions they their upward mobility occurred more quickly because many of the immigrants entered the U.S as skilled workers, and their religious emphasis on learning encouraged secular education and entry into better paying jobs.



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