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Why More Hispanics Now Than Ever Are Earning College Degrees

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Essay Preview: Why More Hispanics Now Than Ever Are Earning College Degrees

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In recent years, hispanics have become the leading minority in the United States. Making up thirteen percent of the U.S. population, the greater part of these hispanics immigrated from Central and South America at one point. If one comprehends the historically ambitious characteristics of Central and Southern American Hispanics, then their their move to the U.S. comes as no surprise. Today, adolescent stereotyping of Hispanic-Americans, have sparked the record number of Hispanic youth to become the new underdogs of American society. With a need to prove their worth, minority groups such as Hispanics have begun to yearn for what it takes to contradict their critics. The reason why hispanics are earning college degrees now more than ever, can be answered through these historic and present-day annotations.

Sociologically, American history reveals which division of immigrants become the culture with the most to prove in the U.S. After decades of political turmoil in Central and South America, Hispanics who lived there sought two forms of relief in moving to North America. One way, was to start a new life in the United States, with as much family they could bring with them. However, this proved to be an impossibility for families who could not afford a new life in a new country. From this, escalated the illegal immigration of Hispanics from South and Central America to the United States. Some, came to collect money for their families back home, evading everything from tax collection to legal residency. Others came with as much family as possible, to gradually afford living in the United States legitimately. As criminal as their methods might have been, they simply wished to improve their life and the lives of their loved ones. The ambitious nature of these and other Hispanics, became all too clear through the controversial act of crossing the border.

Today, we are witnesses to the beneficial immigration of Hispanics to North America. As a group looked down on as back-breaking laborers, Hispanics in this lifetime have the most to prove. For parents who immigrated to the United States, their hard work and long term efforts to let their children succeed in this country, becomes clear to their minor(s) over time. As a Hispanic minor raised in America however, something becomes much more apparent to them at an earlier age. As a first generation American, it became apparent to me as well.

Beginning as early as grade school, Hispanic-Americans are not only looked down upon, but they've become mocked and ridiculed. The reason being, is that social darwinism concludes that because Hispanic immigrants work harder to make ends meet, they're among the weakest members of society. This form of social mentality, is everyday reality to kids growing up in America, and most particularly to minority groups such as Hispanics. From my experience with this kind of social injustice, it only seems degrading from a remote point of view. In retrospect, it gave me a greater incentive to out perform my peers in as many fields as possible.

By becoming the underdogs of American culture, the societal bar's been raised for the Hispanic community. As a minority group that's been hindered by social darwinism, Hispanics have strived to prove their worth, as well as their potential



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