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Why Gay Marriage Is Good Fro Straight America

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Essay Preview: Why Gay Marriage Is Good Fro Straight America

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Cole Clark        

Ms. Yandrick

English 111

February 19, 2019

Why Gay Marriage

        This essay “ Why Gay Marriage is Good for Straight America” by Andrew Sullivan is a hard topic to cover. This topic can be very offense and easily turn people away, but due to the tittle its makes people wonder how gay marriage is benefiting them. Many people might not agree with this, but will continue to read anyways because they want to know more.  The author believes that America is the perfect place for people to express theirselves and become who they truly are.

        What does the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness mean? Typically we think of this as things such as the bill of rights, things that express freedom in America, or just part of our daily lives. To the author he believes that this statement should include the right to marry in whatever from makes you happy. The supreme court changed the ruling on marriage to where the laws on this over ride everything else. Now everyone can marry whoever they feel makes them happy no matter the race, gender, noncitizens, or even inmates. All of this came long after they got the supreme court to budge on the interracial marriage laws. Many people look to this as if its a pioneer to the change in the marriage laws. This change in law will go down in history since the court went as far to say its a basic right of man. Rarely can anyone make it this close to changing their mind to this extent.

        The strong battle that for some reason had to be fought so hard by the conservatives was worthless. For some unknown reason this too priority over many other issues. This made no since considering it had zero effect on them. Yes it is understood that the main argument is religion, but there is nothing that will take away a religious marriage away. This new law will only change the current marriage law to  have no restrictions on it no matter the circumstance. This is why there is so much confusion and such a large divide in our country because both sides have their own beliefs and neither side actually effects the other.

        In conclusion this was my least favorite of all essays to read. I strongly disagree to the authors opinion on this topic. The author claims that instead of telling people you’re “coming out” it should be called “coming home” because that is what is comfortable. I personally think that the struggle of coming out has nothing to do with the open wound from your parents marriage to take years to recover from. I believe that it is hard to come out because they know it is wrong. If its the right thing to do it would be easy. This is the exact same as breaking something as a kid and not telling your parents about it because you knew you was wrong.

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The Next Kind of Integration

“The next kind of integration” written by Emily Bazelon and published (July 20, 2008)  by multiple leading media sources she analyzes integrated school systems, and how they are changing public education as a whole.  The essay also addresses the equality (or dare i say inequality) of past public schools in the united states. If schools in the U.S. are integrated racially and economically scholars would be given equal opportunity to receive quality education within the public school system.

Schools should include integration based on race because displaying diversity in  school systems helps to create a positive more influential learning environment. Scholars of any race or more likely to succeed in not only school but in their careers as well, when surrounded by a diverse community.Racial Integration in school systems has been put into place ever since the 1954 decision Brown vs. The Board of education. This has transformed the way United States school systems work.  Being comfortable with people from all walks of life can set them ahead in terms of a professional realm. The complex business world we are surrounded by today is more diverse than we have ever seen. If schools are better diversified, scholars will be more accustomed to some of the challenges they could potentially be faced with in the workforce. Diversifying the public school system could very well set the future for the nation, this only strengths the argument in favor of integration.



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