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Why Did Adolf Pick the Jews?

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Why Did Adolf Pick The Jews?


People sometimes ask why the Jews were the people to get harmed during the Holocaust or why Holocaust even happened. Jews were the targets of Holocaust because Adolf Hitler hated Jews and blamed them for all of the problems in the world. He mainly blamed them for Germany's loss in World War I. Hitler told the German that they could have won the war, if the Germany had not been "stabbed in the back" by the Jews.

While Hitler's hate was the main reason for Holocaust, we are not sure why it was allowed to go on to the death of most the Jews and the others that Hitler hated. Hitler was helped in his planning of Holocaust by the fact that discrimination against Jews was acceptable in Germany and few spoke out against it, but that is not a complete answer. We must look instead to the fact that the Nazi general beliefs permeated all things of life in Nazi Germany until there was no one left to protest against Holocaust.

At the Nuremberg Trial, where the surviving leaders of the Nazi group were tried for their crimes, two of the witnesses were asked whether Holocaust was an inevitable result of Nazi general beliefs. Otto Ohlendorf, an SS officer who commanded a group which murdered the Jews, thought that Holocaust was not a necessary result of Nazi general beliefs. A few days later Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, a general in the SS who had fought in the invasion of the Soviet Union, did not agree. He said, "If for years, for decades, a doctrine is preached to the effect that the Slav race is an inferior race, that the Jews are not even human beings, then an explosion of this sort is inevitable."

I believe that Holocaust and the reason that it happened to the Jews was the result of Hitler's discrimination against Jews. I believe that Holocaust was a warning of what can happen when leaders of a place are motivated by hate, and use that hate to supply simple answers to problems of their country.



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