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Why Attend a Wedding?

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                     WHY ATTEND A WEDDING?

Wedding, a word that can be added to the myriad of words those are synonymous with happiness in any culture. In a wedding everyone is happy, from the soon to be married bride-groom to the guests. While attending a wedding ceremony even the most pessimistic person will feel a little bit of optimism. If that isn’t intriguing enough- festivity, fulfilling social obligation and tempting foods are enough reasons to attend a wedding.

Wedding is one of the most festive and joyous occasion. Relative from both groom’s and bride’s side join the function. It is a great opportunity to see and keep up to date with one’s relatives. People of different ages enjoy wedding in their own ways. Sometimes performers such as singer, magician are hired to keep the guests entertained. It is almost impossible to feel boredom in a festive function such as wedding.

Next is fulfilling one’s duty towards society. Being a human one has some responsibilities. It is important for everyone to stand together in a society. Function such as wedding is a great way to show unity in the society. Guests present at that time are there to share happiness and to show solidarity. It is ones social obligation to attend a wedding.

Lastly, the mouthwatering foods are enough of a reason to attend a wedding. No matter how long the wedding is, the appetizing food there is enough to make it up. And it tastes even better when enjoyed with friends and family. The menu of a wedding mirrors the local cuisine. But the menu is arranged in such a way that everyone can enjoy to their fullest. So if you want to enjoy exquisite food with your beloved ones, going to a wedding is an option.

In every culture weddings are important. It is a joyous occasion where families and friends of both the bride and groom gather to enjoy the festivity, to fulfill their social duties and to have delightful foods. You should definitely the wedding assuming that you have the invitation card.



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