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Who Are You..

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One problem I noticed in the correlation in the movie the "Graduate "and the essay by Robert Bellah "Community, Commitment and Individuality" were the problems of reinventing themselves or knowing who they are and what they stand for once they have gotten into a part of their lives where they have achieved goals that they have wanted and don't know what else there is in life, or to hold true. Each person in the Bellah and Ben in the movie is faced with problems of their future and how they go about putting the pieces of live together.

In Ben's situation he is a lone college graduate who is being told to do everything other than what he wants to do. Each of his parents has different ideas on what Ben should do with his life. Although Ben doesn't really have any ideas on what his plans are until they are presented to him such as, the situation with the Robertson family. He solves that problem by facing the music and telling Elaine and then taking her from her wedding at the last second.

The people that are mentioned in the essay are all middle ages people that have gotten into their profession, position because of their personal desires they have worked towards. For instance Angelo Donatello worked in his community to chance the serotype of the Italians that Americans had of them. He started working as a civic leader in a suburb of Boston and then really worked hard on changing the prejudice grouping of Italians as drunken and rowdy people.

In conclusion life really isn't mapped out for everyone but sometimes you have to put together the pieces of the puzzle that work out for you. Knowing oneself and what they need to feel happy is what completes a person's life.



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