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When Jesus Walks

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When I read the short story, "The Lottery" all could think of was it was not what I expected a lottery to be. The story from the beginging is weird because these people are not excited and when Old Man Warner says that it is foolished to end the lottery and that it should be kept because it brings good luck. I thought whatever you are winning in a lottery must be good. When it was time to go forth and get the paper people were scared and quiet and were told not to look at who won. No one was excited and eger to see if they were lucky and won. When the Hutchinson family won and Mrs. Hutchison was complaining that her husband did not have enough time to pick the ticket that he wanted, was a little weird beause if I was picked in a lottery where I knew I was going to win something I would be excited and jumping up and down and telling everyone that I won. The story made me think why do they do this every year? What does the town get out of stoning one of their own people? People that they know and talk to on a daily bases. If there are peopple whithin the village why have not stopped it or at least had a town meeting to disscuss it. To me it seemed that the only person that really appriciated the tradition of the lottery was Old Man Warner and he was the oldest person in town and obviously never had been picked to win the lottery. I think that once Old Man Warner dies, the town will stop the tradition of doing the lottery. When we talked about traditions in class, they were about things we were not sure why we did them but the traditions that we do are not about getting together and killing people.



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