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When I Was Older

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When I was Older

A long time ago on the eve of Christmas, I was waiting for santa to bring me my presents. As tradition, my mom had called me and my sister upstairs so she could read us a story. It was the same story every year, and I listened intently to it all the same. She read and read, I was transfixed upon the story with my eye's unmoving from the pages of the book, even though I was unable to read. At just about the middle of the book, just like every year, there was a loud thud on the roof above us. I jumped up with excitement because I new that santa was at the house with all my presents. My sister and I shoved our heads out the window trying to see were he was. We saw nothing and were a little disappointed and sat back on the ground. Suddenly from downstairs, a bell started ringing followed by a loud obnoxious ho ho ho. I stood up fast losing my balance a little and raced down the stairs.

The tree was lit with thousands of lights that me and my family had put on days before, along with ornaments from long ago. There were some that my parents had received when they were younger and they kept them all these long years. I had some old ones as well but I really did not care for them then. I always hated decorating the tree, but my parents had made me do it nonetheless. Behind the tree was a tall window that was almost totally covered by the huge tree but allowed for the tree to be seen by everyone outside. All other lights were off which made the tree glow in the darkness giving it a special radiance that I later came to love.

Just as I peered over the railing of the stairs I saw santa throwing the presents here and there out of a giant red bag. I watched him with a grin from ear to ear of happiness. I was so excited, I didn't realize that he knew we were there and I was as quiet as I could be. He turned and ate the cookies that I had set out with a glass of milk, and I chuckled softly to my sister who stood right beside me. It was amazing. Just before he turned to climb up the chimney, or so I though, he tuned and glared me in the eyes. I saw the eyes and I recognized them to be my dads. I watched his face and his expressions and I realized that it was my dad. I was terribly sad but I wanted to be sure that I was not making a mistake, so I ran after him as fast as I could. He also started to run and before I caught him, he had turned the corner and disappeared



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