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What Women Want

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The film What Women Want is directed by Nancy Myers. In this film, the issue of the catalyst initiating change is looked at and the affects of this change. This film shows how the protagonist, Nick Marshall, a middle aged advertising agent develops his perception of women and creates strong relationship with his daughter.

Nick loves the world he initially lived in. He did not treat women with much respect, yet had no trouble finding dates and was content in living this way. The change initiated is accidental when Nick is electrocuted in the bathtub, allowing him to hear women's thoughts. This scene is important as it shows the catalyst responsible for Nick's transition into a new phase. Slow motion is a filming technique used as the audience can become fully aware of the significance of the scene. As the hair dryer falls into the water, it falls slowly. Rapid camera angles are used with non-diegetic music (mood music) in order to create a humorous tone for the scene.

At first, Nick opposes this change as he tries to get rid of this new gift of his by electrocuting himself again. This does not work. This opposition to change is parallel to Old Bill in The Simple Gift, as his change is also not expected or welcome. As the film goes on, Nick's perspectives change, both towards women and this gift he has. As shown in a particular scene where Nick is sitting around laughing, enjoying women's company. This film technique of gesture show Nick enjoying the women's company, but also show the women enjoy having Nick around. Nick is now learning to understand women more. He is beginning to respect and care for women. The technique of voice overs are used so the audience also hears what the women are thinking, for example, when Nick walks past some women he hears them thinking "Oh, he's so adorable" and "I wish my father was like that".

The women around him are welcoming to the change as they are treated with respect by Nick and they enjoy his company. This change deals with the topic of "Into the World" as Nick's whole personality changes. He develops new perspectives of women and the relationships he shares with them. This leads into a new stage where he revives and strengthens the relationship with his daughter Alex. At the start of the film, he is constantly tactless and misunderstanding with her such as when he asks her new boyfriend probing questions "How old are you?... Don't you know my daughter's



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