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What Makes a Survivor? Mr. Bull's Ala Paper

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The word survivor has many definitions, all of which can change from person to person. For me it boils down to three things, the will to live, using what you have to your advantage, and remembering that the person has reasons to live. On page 85 of the green packet, the author states that “failed suicide would shock the person back to life as if the will to survive were born by passing through death.” This supports that survivors had to have the will to live because they would have that moment where they woke up from the dream-like trance and wanted to live and see their lives through. They also found that they would have newfound energy and determination after a failed suicide attempt. On page 33 of the yellow packet the author says “We have learnt that everything is useful.” This quote supports my claim that a survivor needs to use what you have to your advantage because the POWs would have died from hypothermia and other diseases. The survivors would use anything they could, from the shoes of fallen POWs to waste paper. On page 85 of the green packet a survivor of a POW camp states that “The care of a friend which gave her the time and encouragement to recover.” This supports my claim because the friend most likely reminded her that she had a family to go back to. She also knew that she had someone who could help her and she didn’t have to worry about being in danger. The definition of a survivor is someone who can remember that they have something to live for, uses what they have to their advantage, and the will to live.



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