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What Is Eatting Gilberts Grape

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Essay Preview: What Is Eatting Gilberts Grape

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Through the movie 'what's eating Gilbert grape', the characters Gilbert and Betty Carver not only show love and responsibility but frustration towards some of the most special people in there life. Both characters show a lot of love and responsibility but they also show signs of frustration when the both of them reach there boiling point.

Gilbert is a very strong and loving person when it comes to his family and always wants and does what is best for Bonnie, Amy, Arnie & Ellen. Also after the death of Gilberts father, Albert, Gilbert has had to step up and be the man of the house, being the father like figure showering off love and responsibility, but Gilbert cracks once the pressure is high and breaks out in a birth of frustration.

Ellen's annoying & bitching ways lead to Gilbert snapping. In the scene where Ellen constantly blows on her annoying trumpet Gilbert reacts in a immediate and frustrated way and reverses his car into the chair Ellen was playing her trumpet on . Ellen quickly jumps out of the way as Gilbert drives off quickly. Arnie did not know where Gilbert was going and anxiously said 'where are you going Gilbert' as he stood alone on the porch and watched Gilbert drive off. Another scene that resulted in Gilbert loosing his temper in frustration is when Arnie wouldn't take his bath. Anrie constantly refused to get in the bath leading Gilbert to belt out a sigh of anger & hit Arnie 3 times across the face. Once Gilbert's frustration had got to the better of him, Gilbert stormed off passing his mother who asked him 'what did you do, Gilbert"' Gilbert doesn't answer Bonnie and continues to leave the house in a strong and aggravated manner. It is quite clear that it is not only Gilbert who is living in a world of love and frustration but also his part time married girlfriend, Betty Carver is living in the same world of love and responsibility, and frustration.

Throughout the movie Betty displays love and responsibility for friends and family. In particular she displays it for her two children and Gilbert. Betty shows great love and care for her kids. She always takes care of them and basically brings them up by herself due to her busy working husband, Ken. Betty also shows Gilbert some loving in the first half of the movie, having a secret affair with Gilbert, behind Kens back. But once



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