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What Is Bruce Trying to Say?

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Essay Preview: What Is Bruce Trying to Say?

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What is Bruce trying to say?

At the beginning of the film we are introduced to Bruce Nolan, a television news reporter who is looking for greater success with his career. The next thing to his job is his relationship with his girlfriend Grace which lives with Bruce. As we get to know Bruce, we see that he is frequently in charge but seldom in control. His need to succeed in life is acompanyed with his desire to be well liked are a hindrance to his ability to see what is really important in life and to him. As the film progresses, things do not go the his way for Bruce and he begins to question the justness of his god. When Bruce reaches his lowest point he virtually curses his god and says that he could do better at the duties of being god. Then God sends him a page and waits for the return call.

As Bruce makes his way for the appointment with God, we begin to see increasingly more overt symbols of Christianity. I detected religious ideas in some situations that were presented in the film. For example, Bruce's growing awareness of the suffering of others and the empathy he feels, despite his previous and somewhat charmed life. One thing I think that took this movie out on a limb was it was the frist movie to show a black man playing the role of God. In earlier films the role of god was always played by a white male.

What is more compelling about this film is the overtly religious symbolism with the miracles that Bruce makes happen. What appears on the face as secular, under a more careful analysis, is unquestionably religious symbolism. For example, Bruce is a icon in a local television program. Television has been likened to the altar as a focal point of worship in the society we live in today. Now adays a person can watch a religious mass on television. The intent that Bruce demonstrates to put himself into a higher position in that altar is indicative of a reach for greater holiness(a better job). Bruce wants to be a God early on in this film and long before he curses his god and demands his job.

Another obvious symbol of religion in this film is Bruce's reverence to his job. In much of society and especially in American society, we can draw strong ties between organized religion and a corporate place of employment. We confer with the boss(priest), as Bruce did, who in turn must rely on the wisdom of some never seen authority



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