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What Is Attitude?

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What is attitude? If i talk in simple english language then attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Attitude play a major role on every step of our life. There is one key factor that can do more to guarantee your success in life than anything else. Conversely, the absence of that factor will be a sure guarantee of a life of failure and almost continual disappointment. That key factor is Attityude. Emotional and mental attitude is, perhaps, the most important ingredient in our own survival. We sometimes heard about some surprising incident like,A woman defended herself against an attacker with no self defense training whatsoever, or a man survived tll 15 days without food and water. Etc. The single largest element that each of these people shared was Attitude. They have clear goal in their mind and refused to accept any other outcome other than the desired goal. Their single-minded determination gave them the willpower they needed to overcome terrible odd. And this determination come only through attitude.

Attitude is the hardest element of self defense to learn. It only develops with a major shift in our view of ourself and the world around us. Our self value must be greater than our disbelief. The greatest thing in a human being's life is his or her success and the success is directly related with attitude.Success is a matter of having a positive attitude and applying motivational principles on a daily basis. According to great scholar sir William James- "It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome."

Developing Attitude that helpful for Us: The most important thing necessary to develop a positive attitude is Self-efficacy that is one's belief in his/her ability to effectively control specific events in his/her life. "Believe in yourself"is the most suitable word to incourage anybody when he is going to do any difficult task. It helps them to build positive attitude in their mind. And it finally led towards success. Self-efficacy plays a role in almost everything we do, think, and feel. The all person agrees that self-efficacy influences our actions; we'd call it confidence or belief in ourselves or a sense of personal power. Self-efficacy



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