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What Happen to Children

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  1. Arcorfing to Article 9 “What Happens to Children”,  there are some important disadvantages asscociated with father absence. First of all, the children in the father-absence families tend to drop out of high scchool, less likely to enroll for colleges or will not finish the college program. Girls from these families usually have early sex and have children outside of marriage. While boys tend to have trouble in finding jobs or getting a low-paid job. Furthermore, father absence can cause economic deprivation, poor parenting and lack of social support. These factors will make children’s life become less successful. Father’s absence may also affect the mother-child relationship. The ecnomic hardship can cause depression and psychological distress. When everything just get oppress the mother, she may become too lenient or too rigid and strict. Last but not least is about the loss of social support. If the mother is too stressed and don’t want to think anymore about the old relationship; children may not keep in touch with the father’s siblings, they may also be cut off from their mother’s family and friend.
  2. There are some suggestions to reduce the likelihood and to ease the problems of children living without their fathers. First, we have to inform about the risk of father’s absence for parents to minimize the risks. It may not effect one hundred percents but can encourage them to try to build a stable relationship. Second, social policies must be made sure not to discourage marriage. Third, the fathers must have responsibilities in supporting  even when they live in elsewhere. But unfortunately for low-income children, this policy may not give any benefits for them. It may harm children by increasing nervous and conflict between low-income parents. Finally, “prevent better than cure”, if we worry to much about keeping everybody together, we should focus in building a strong relationship, forming and maintaining a stable union.



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