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What Does Loyality Mean to a Company?

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Essay Preview: What Does Loyality Mean to a Company?

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What does loyalty to the company mean, and how important is it, morally? Under what circumstances, if any, do employees owe loyalty to their employers? When, if ever, do they owe loyalty to their coworkers?

Loyalty to the company has several meanings; it is dependent upon what side of the “equation” you are on.  If you are the employer having loyalty could mean being dedicated and putting nothing else before the benefit of the company.  As far as the employee it would entail doing all that is required as well as extra to ensure the company is able to run as intended and has the same common goal of the employer.  Having loyalty to the company means doing the best possible job and representing the company professionally whenever you are inside or outside of the building.

        It is important morally to have a certain degree of loyalty to the company because this puts all in the same mindset to better as a whole.  When there is a loyalty to and for the company it makes for a better work environment as well as gives everyone a sense of accomplishment and benefit.

        When it comes to whether or not an employee owes loyalty to their employer or not there is no question that to a certain degree they do.  Meaning that there are certain codes of conduct that are into play within every place of business.  The everyday routine of the company should not be taken and shared elsewhere. An example of this would be those that have certain security clearance are expected to be loyal to the company and not take know information and share it with another company.  The same reigns true with fellow employees.  There should be some loyalty amongst each other.  

        Coworkers should always “stick” together and do what is best for each other.  Having loyalty for other coworkers instills comradery and makes for a better work environment.  Being loyal to other coworkers gives no one a sense of more importance and puts everyone on the same level.   Another example of when employees owe loyalty to their coworkers would be if Jane Doe knew of John Doe doing something that would or could hinder others Jane Doe has an obligation to take the necessary steps to stop or prevent the issue.  

Do you think Storms and Ahearn qualify as whistle-blowers? What do you think their motives were?

        In my opinion, Storm would qualify as a whistle-blower.  He was not motivated self-interests or to change his situation.  He was motivated by trying to correct government spending and budget decisions.  Now, Ahearn on the other hand, although did put the Navy in the spotlight, he didn’t necessarily speak on an unknown.  He was just the only one being vocal.  Now his way of handling it is what puts him into the whistle-blower category.  His thought process was not to go through the proper channels to handle the situation and wait for the appropriate action to be taken.



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