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What's up with Music Culture

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What’s Up with Music’s Culture?

Music is one of the reflector of a country or even a generation's culture. It also reflects one's progress not just literally in terms of music but most especially in the country's creativity, music standards/ appreciation.

It had always been known that music is a manner of expression, of free expression of feelings, emotions, events, etc. However, this sometimes depict the real meaning of music; to impart something to the listeners, to touch the soul of the maker and the listener, to change a part of the world, and be a part of it not just a scratch of it.

There had been a lot of pop music, yes it fits the mass' taste . . . but for how long? They say the best music are the ones that don't fade through time. Those are the real music that had surely make a great impact in the people, the culture and the world's view.

From the famous pop asereje, otso-otso, tsokolate and many more that symbolizes or mirrors the people’s happy and good vibe to the know pop of gentlemen, twerk-it-like miley and nae nae.

From the melodramatic songs that expresses the writer’s and singer’s emotions and due to the weak emotions captures the people/ audience’ attention and thinks of it as a reflector of what they are currently feeling. The songs that were written before were full of expressions with rhymes, rhythm and tone, now it’s just a free expression in a free form.

Now, music is written the way how we feel our emotions are and it easily fades the way this emotions does . . .



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