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Western Film Essay

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The 20th century that would be remembered with many acts of aggression between different nations has left us numerous problems to solve for the present. As if the separation of the world in the past Cold War, that had kept the world divided into two camps for the last half of the past century - that of the free and democratic world and that of the communistic block, is now continued by the separation between the eastern and the western world. That may seem to someone who is always suspicious of some sort of conspiracy, that certain nations or groups of nations may have interest of such polarization of today's world. That there are great interests of some democratic countries to keep the fire going, so that they could support their economy with oil and the enormous money they make from selling arms and making wage war.

Yes, indeed, it seems true that America's foreign policy towards the Eastern world is very controversial, but that is not the root of the matter. What is essential here is the misunderstandings between the different cultures, on the one had there is the West - the world that had been founded on the Christian values, the world that had lived trough the dark ages, that had saw itself through different eyes in the Renaissance, and the one that had suffered the two World Wars. On the other hand we have the East - the place where along the great rivers once emerged the first civilizations, the first scripts, the world of Islam, the world that once was benefited by the Rout of The Silk. I illustrate just a small fraction of the periods that these two different worlds had past though, not to judge which of these cultures is greater than the other, but to portray how separated they were throughout the ages. Relatively little of the one's world ideas had been perceived by the other. And when I am talking about ideas, I am not referring to the inventions achieved, but to ideologies, philosophies and conceptions that the East and the West have come to, during their development.

Now it is quite unclear who's opposing who. One thing is for sure, the Western countries at their greater portion are richer than the Eastern. The higher standard of life appears to be a vast abyss between the two worlds.



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