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Weight Training Exam

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Weight Training Exam

1.) Weight training increases a person metabolic rate.

2.) A consistent weight training routine can reduce your cholesterol level.

3.) A.) Type I = High aerobic capacity, small in size, fatigue resistant,

Type Ia = Medium aerobic capacity, large in size, fatigable,

Type IIb = Low aerobic capacity, large in size, most fatigable

4.) Dynamic contraction (ex. When extending the knee, hip and ankle joints when performing a vertical jump.

Eccentric contraction (ex. lowering a weight from the flexed position.)

Isometric contraction Ð'- (ex. Pushing against an unmovable object.)

5.) The requirements for a effective weight training device are 4 fold.

i.) The device must provide tension within the muscles.

ii.) The device must allow the muscles to be worked through there natural range of motion.

iii.) It must make i and ii VERY safe.

iv.) Should be adjustable in the magnitude of resistance it provides.

6.) When one increases in strength, their endurance increases as well.

7.) The myth is that "multiple sets of an exercise are superior to a single set for increasing muscle strength and size.

8.) The four key elements in a well designed training program are as followsÐ'...

- The Repetition: the best reps include raising and lowering of a resistance.

- The Resistance: The key is to use resistance to demand development of muscular strength by the creation of tension within a muscle or group of muscles that is greater than the typical demand.

- Total Body Training: All of the major muscle groups of the body should be trained each time.

- Balance: Am adequate amount of tension should be developed on both sides of a joint so that the joint functions properly and is not prone to misalignment or slipping.

9.) Five guidelines for an appropriate training program.

i.)Train using a full range of motion.

ii.) Eliminate



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