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Wegmans Scholarship

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Throughout my life I have always been a hardworking, focused person. I knew at a very early age what I wanted to do with my life. Becoming a lawyer has always seemed like the natural thing for me to. My mother and former teachers have always said that I was very good at debating.

Over the years I have spent many summers with my uncle at his home in Albany. He has been a lawyer for several years and works at the Capitol building in Albany. When visiting, we have always enjoyed talking about politics and hypothetical cases. Being with him has made me see the passion and love he has for his job. Also, , I have had the opportunity to observe many court cases.

Over the period that I have worked at Wegmans, I have learned many skills that will help me in my future career. As an employee I have the opportunity to experience teamwork, and use my customer service skills. The most important thing that is going to help me in my career choice is observing the managers and how they use their leaderships skills.

I have applied to many colleges, all of which offer good programs in Criminal Justice. I am excited because I know as soon as I get accepted I will be able to start down the road to becoming a successful attorney.



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