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Dwayne Michael Carter a.k.a Lil Wayne, Weezy, Weezy F baby, was born an only child on September 27, 1982( now has a brother) to Jacida "Cita" Carter and to Dwayne Michael Turner. He grew up on the crime ridden hollygrove streets of the 17th ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. Turner abandoned his family soon after wayne's birth. Until the age of sixteen Reginald "Rabbit" Carter became his stepfather. As a child lil wayne struggled to keep off the streets and stay in school. Wayne first started rapping at block parties his performance stunned an earlier cash money recoreds artist Lil Slim who soon after gave him phone numbers. He went on an autograph singin with slim and met Brain "baby" Williams. Waynes feestyling abilities impressed baby and slim. At eleven years old wayne started to record freestyles on baby's answering machine, then soon after that he signed and hooked with Lil doogie who would be known as B.G to form the group the B.G.'z.The group released there first and only album called true story.

Wayne's mom Cita carter saw him wearing gang affiliated colors so his mom stopped him from being with cash money records, wayne being mad he ran away from home with his stepdad's .44 tarus magnum and while playing with it he shot himself in the chest he was rushed to the hospital for almost bleeding to death When he was twelve he shot himself with his stepfathers .44 taurus magnum in the chest



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