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Voice and Vision: Sylvia Plath

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Essay Preview: Voice and Vision: Sylvia Plath

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Voice and Vision: Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath wrote many great poems that had deep meanings. In the documentary Voice and Vision: Sylvia Plath shows how Plath struggled through emotional crisis. She did not have a great life which made her write some very interesting poems. The essay will include Plath's life, work, and her inspirations.

Plath committed suicide in 1963. "Her adolescence was unhappy." she kept a diary in which she wrote down her everyday feelings. She married another poet named Ted Hughes. She was close with her father and when he died she got depressed. She died at a young age of thirty and could've gone on to write even more great poems.

Plath's first poem was published in 1960. At her best she was writing up to three poems a day. "My poems come immediately." She wrote poems mainly about mythology. "For a time I believed not in God but in magic." She had a very disciplined way of writing. This is one of the reasons why her poetry is so inspirational to others. Plath had some important inspirations of her own.

Plath had many inspirations which pointed her writing in many directions. "I did not have a happy adolescence perhaps that's why I turned to writing." Being unhappy was difficult for her to deal with so writing down her feelings helped her. Another major inspiration was her father's death. The places she lived in inspired her also. When she moved to the country her work took a different direction. "My final memories of the sea were violent ones." While in England she wrote poems that made her happy. "I idolized England." As Plath got closer to her suicide, her writing got darker and darker.

Plath had an interesting but very dark life. During her lifetime she wrote many great poems that are still recognized today. Plath had many inspirations which helped her write her poetry. Although she was a very strong person, she could not handle some of the obstacles throughout her life. She was only thirty when she committed suicide and was at the top of her career. She will always be remembered as a great writer.



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