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Essay Preview: Vodou

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In this photograph I see a bunch of girls together crowding around this one girl who has a piece of paper in her hand. Everyone who is reading the letter is laughing and looks kind of shocked. One girl is eating and not reading the letter. The letter looks like chicken scratch. It looks as if they are in the woods, at an all girl's camp. The girls look like they are still in their pajamas. This picture is taking place during the day. Behind the girls are some trees, and behind the trees it looks like there is a lake.

I think the girls are reading a note that a guy sent from a different camp close by. The girl reading the note and the guy who sent it, probably met in a camp activity. Everyone around the girl with the note, are reading it and look surprised/shocked. Maybe the note also says something funny, because some of the girls are laughing. To me it looks as if the girl with the note in hand can't believe she got the note. I think she liked him from before, or they knew each other before camp and liked each other than, but didn't express their feelings. The only conflict before this would be that she liked him but didn't tell him because she thought that he wouldn't like her. After this, I think she might meet the guy-either because it says so, or just because she likes him and wants to meet him. Before the picture was taken, I think the guy gave the note to a little girls or to a little boy to give to the girl who has the note. When she read the note, she probably got excited and called all her friends to read it with her. Maybe when she goes to meet him, they'll 'click', and start talking; have a good day together, and tell each other at the end of the day, that they want to meet again.



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