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Violent Cults

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Over the years there have been many cults in the world. Some cults have been violent and some have not. Cults are based on religious beliefs. All though cults do more harm than good, many people in the world disagree against that. There are still cults today that hurt the lives of many families.

Many cults are violent and scary, on the other hand some cults just want peace. Many people have died or lost someone do to cults. “'Renamo soldiers arrived in my village saying they were extremely hungry. We told them we had no meat to give them with their nsima. So they grabbed my child, chopped it up, and forced me, trembling, to cook it. They even forced me to eat some. I have vowed never to eat meat again'.”(wilson 4-7). ”The Newcastle Herald reported on Thursday that Mitchell Olsen, a 23-year-old trainee accountant, was stomped on the head and bashed in a random attack at Cessnock.”(Fairfax 6-7). Thus proving that cults are very dangerous and should not be denied nor disturbed.

Cults are based on belief but also affect the government. Another way cults are started is by the government fighting or at war.”The United States? efforts to extricate itself from Iraq and leave a stable government behind have been an unsteady road mined with pitfalls.”(Burchett and Whiteside 1-3).” Throughout this period, the Iraqi government has slowly attempted to gain control over many state and non-state actors since it regained its sovereignty - with varying degrees of success. Government can also be associated with cults in many ways. Cults and government together can take over an entire country.”(Burchett and Whiteside 4-8). Cults are a “religious gang”. They're violent and believe it's part of their religion to do so. Just because its religious doesn't mean it's right.

Cults are evil, crude, selfish, and destructive. Most people fear cults, but some don’t. There are people in the world who support and fight for cults. There are also non violent cults “And the conviction is growing deeper and deeper in me that nothing but non-violence can check the organized...” (Ghandi 3).



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