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Views on Abortion

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My view on Abortion is that Abortion is acceptable, meaning that the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy is ok. I say this because a person is a human being, whether man, woman, or child. Which in this case an embryo or fetus is none; however, the fetus does turn out to be a human being as time goes on. People might say that I think everyone should have a right to life. How can a fetus or better unknown as unborn person have a right to life? A person might also say that that’s murder. Separating the fetus from the uterus is not murder. Murder means to kill a human being by a human being, to kill unlawfully, to kill brutality, to destroy a human beings life. I think that and unborn child (fetus) is similar to a person that is dead both does not exist in the world as of now. The difference is that the fetus because a human when it is coming in to the world while the other is gone out.

There are people out there that are really not ready for children yet. Many might dispute that having a child takes lots and lots of reasonability. What happen if the mother got pregnant because she was not on birth control or the condom may have popped or the man might have just slipped up and ejaculated in the female? Say for instance that the female is only about sixteen years of age mostly likely meaning she can barely take care of herself and now is about to have a baby. Before the fetus becomes a baby, why not just detach is from uterus? Because if the baby is born it will most likely grow up in a bad foster home and end up having a not so good life. Or might just end up in a good home and be alright, but why would you want to take that chance. Putting a person on earth knowing that there’s more of a chance to coming to a bad would is wrong to do to a human being.



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