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Veronika Decides to Die

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Veronika was a young girl living in Ljubljana, in Slovenia. She was bored of her life and she decided to kill herself, she attempted to commit suicide. She was living in a room she rent for herself. On a November day, she ordered the room meticulously; she brushed her teeth and lay down. She decided to take sleeping pills in overdose. After she took most pills, she began to wait for the loss of consciousness and finally, her aim, death she waited for.

While she was waiting for the death to come, she got impatient and impatient for the death and she got difficulties in passing time and she looked for something to spend time. In the room, she found a magazine and started to take look at the magazine. Within the magazine, a question attracted his attention and the question was that “Where is Slovenia?” After reading the article in the magazine, she decided to leave a note behind her saying that she committed suicide in order to make Slovenia become more and more known to the people in the world. Meanwhile, she recalled her full past life, her parents, work and like these.

To Veronika, her attempt ion to commit suicide was derived from two fundamental reasons for him. First reason was that she became tired of the monotonous of life; she thought that everything was similar in the youth, childhood. She thought that the people around one always left that people when she was old and the loneliness began. With the advent of older ages, people began to suffer more and more from the life and it was senseless to lead such a life. The second reason was that she was not pleased with the ongoing appearance of the world. There were wars in the world. By observing the situation of the world through TV, newspapers and other media vehicles, she could not find any meaning in that life.

She was thinking of the existence of the God and she found herself went into deeper subject matters. Veronika saw death as a symbol of freedom that she could not try to make use of during the remaining life. Veronika could not pass minutes and she tried to spend time by observing the people who were passing on the street. She saw a man passing around the street and she began to think that man seemed the last person whom Veronika saw. Veronika thought of that man to desire Veronika and she tried to take joy of being desirable by a man. Additionally, the Bolivian musicians attracted her attention and it would be a good death accompanied by Bolivian street musician. After a great deal of time, the pills started to show their effects and Veronika came to feel ill. She told herself that the pills firstly would take her to a deep and long sleep. And then she fell into sleep. When she opened her eyes, she thought that she was in heaven but she heard a woman’s words about her she began to get angry with herself because she could not manage to.

She found herself in Vilette. Vilette was a mental hospital in Ljubljana. It was founded in 1991 with the independence of the country, Slovenia, from Yugoslavia. With the collapse of Yugoslavia, most of the countries started to gain their independence but not without wars. There were wars between Yugoslavia,and Croatia, Bosnia. The economic and business authorities in Slovenia began to get worried about the spread of war into their lands. When she woke up, she asked questions to the doctors and she just wanted to learn if she would die or not and if so how long she would live further. While she was listening to the doctors, she thought that they were taking great joy from telling bad news to the people. On her own, she tried to attribute that behaviour of the people to the view that they would find themselves lucky and happy for that they would not suffer from pain or loss although these people might seem worried about the health of others. The doctors told that she had just countable days of a week that made Veronika happy.

In the room she was staying, there were other patients or mad people however Veronika could not understand that she was in a mental hospital and she thought that she was staying at a prison. When she was given the reply that she was in a mental hospital, she showed an objection to the nurse who replied her question by saying that she was not mad. The nurse began to laugh at Veronika’s words and told her that all the people in that hospital thought that they were not mad too. Firstly, being mad did not associate anything for Veronika. Meanwhile, a woman asked her that whether she knew the meaning of mad or not. She asked for the identity of that woman. That woman was Zedka and then Veronika started to talk to Zedka. Zedka, who was also a patient in hospital, started to tell a story to Veronika. The story was following;there was a wizard and that wizard wished to eliminate a kingdom by placing poison into the well of the kingdom from which the people of the kingdom had their water. When the people drank from the well, they got all mad. The king began to declare regulations in order to control the people. Since all the people behaved in the same manner, they began to see the King and Queen as mad couples. Later it occurred to the mind of queen that they were to drink from the well and they did at last. After drinking, the King and Queen began to behave like the people and the country kept living in peace in later years. That story made Veronika laugh.

Zedka was suffering from clinical depression. Zedka had fallen in depression due to her love towards a man since the youth. Although, she tries to forget that man, she could not do that. She would accept being the mistress of that man and she experienced that for a while in US. After leading for a short time in US as the mistress of her beloved man, she began to be discontent with the situation and she returned to her home next to her family. Although she looked to forget her love, she did not do such that in fact. She kept the contact with phone despite the possibility that her husband could check the payment documents. He did not look aware of the mood of her wife and contrarily he continued to behave well towards his wife. But that just continued to a point. Later, Zedka started to isolate herself from the whole house and she was ignoring the pleasant behaviours of her husband. She began to show unpleasant attitudes towards her children. Zedka was also a Serb woman in a time that most people in the world were accusing the Serbs due to the wars. However, Zedka was not ashamed of her nationality



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