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Utilitarian Justification of Euthanasia

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Essay Preview: Utilitarian Justification of Euthanasia

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This was a very inspirational reading to me. I feel Martin Luther King Jr. was not only a leader for black civil rights but rights for all injustice towards minorities everywhere. He brings up great ideas for defining just and unjust laws. I agree with him when he says an unjust law is no law at all and should be denied in order to be just. When one becomes complacent towards injustice he is committing evil. I like that he attacks the white moderates for not acting. Even in today's

society injustice is still tolerated in the United States. I think if Martin Luther King JR. was still alive he would have problems with the complacent. To bad he is not still alive he would be a great leader for the black community.

Nonviolence is a great way to solve most problems. I have come to realize nonviolence can solve most issues in my personal life. But sometimes it can fail and violence has to be the last resort. What if nothing was done to end slavery. I would have to say violence would be justified in this situation. Luckily this was not needed. But i agree with King that nonviolent protest can be very sufficient. His Socrates allusions were brilliant. It is a good example that can relate to his audience. His Christian faith must have helped him with his audience also. He is a Christian that I can respect for because he lived by his peaceful convictions instead of preaching peace and living another way.



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