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Urban Anarchy

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Black people have been mad since the end of time. That is because they get screwed, and in turn they commit acts of anarchy such as riots. This will never end. In addition to never ending, they will also never cease to be in existence. Granted, this means the same thing, but what are you going to do about it? If you actually need to write a paper on urban anarchy, then look at examples of anarchy in the past, see why they occurred, see what the reaction of America was and fill in the rest. If this doesn't work, then go commit some urban anarchy. I will now talk about more things related to history. In 1992 things occured, as they did in all years. Fairly soon, things will cease to occur but you never know if that will happen because i haven';t reached two hundred and fifty words yet. Eventulaly that will happen dand i can join this damned site and hopefully others didn't do the same thing i did. i never know , howeve,r so odd sare ill get a crappy paper as wel. Word followed by another one fo.llowed by the islamic anarchy followed by black followed by a the it is for you do not ever know if it is time for this to begin and so it will soon and so if i do it so it will be and now i doo enjoy thouroghly.



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