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Up Movie Pixar

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Consequentialism means the ethical action which is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favourable than unfavourable. Its total good consequences outweigh the total bas consequences.

In Up movie, it consisted of several bad actions taken by the Villian or Muntz. Firstly, he had a bad intention towards a unique and undiscovered species of a bird monster which is shown by Kevin's character. He wanted to do experiment on Kevin just to prove his stands and clean his name. He was willing to do anything although it may hurt the bird in order to prove his rejected research. In fact, Kevin still had babies to take care of at that time. Secondly is Muntz became inhumane since he lost his control when he even wished to kill Carl and Russel. This is because they wanted to protect Kevin which may lead his mission to a failure. Thirdly is Muntz was too cruel that he programmed all the dogs with him to track Kevin. He made the dogs to obey all his instructions and ask them to bring back Kevin to him. He was selfish to give a risk to send the dogs to a dangerous place that most of them died there.

However, Muntz also played some good actions in his character. Firstly is he is so hardworking and deeply in doing his research. This can be proved when he found out a skeleton of unknown bird. Sadly, his finding was rejected by the National Explorer's Society until his membership was stripped. This motivated him to be more ambitious and work hard to achieve his goals in his expedition with his lighter-than-aircraft designed by himself. Secondly is he treated his guess kindly. It can be shown when he welcomed Carl and Russel to his place with an open heart. He even served food for them.

Therefore, the actions by the Villian or Muntz is unethical since the value of unfavourable is more than favourable. This is because Muntz showed more bad actions in his character. This clearly defined that it is very unethic.



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