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University Fi Stone Dog by Carolyn Cooper

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Essay Preview: University Fi Stone Dog by Carolyn Cooper

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The article “University fi Stone Dog” by Carolyn Cooper a professor of Literary and Cultural Studies, published Sunday September 13, 2009 is informative and useful because the author makes readers be aware of the college/ universities available to further one’ s education. Also involves was some pros and cons and the lack of quality and interest in the education process; instead the focus is on quantity and making money.

The intention of this article is to present the main idea that they are excess universities in the country (Jamaica). The writer then highlights that even though many of these institutions are registered with the council they do not acquire the title “University.” The idiom “University fi Stone Dog”, states that there are so many universities spreading throughout the country that is in comparison to stones laying on heap of stones; and by contrasting production and transmission of Knowledge versus business (money) and quality versus quantity. However Professor Cooper makes it concise in her opinion to building upon the quality of an existing university that wasted funds and resources in building new one, will still result in the same conclusion. The audience that the writer target are parents and fellow students who are enrolled in an institution ir who is planning to attend one of these institutions.

Professor Cooper uses a mixture of fragmented sentences, figurative language and language techniques mainly the dialect of the Jamaican creole to effectively state her points to the readers. The metaphor “gone to the dogs” was use in the instance to show that tertiary education devaluation in Jamaica all across the board. The Tone of the writer was of frustration and the mood was a concerned one.

According to Processor Cooper, University of The West Indies (UWI) is the only real-real university; in her statement she is being bias among other universities. Hyacinth Bennett started Hydel University College, in her remarks she was being sarcastic, even stating that after the university operated for a year. The following year she would launch into graduate programmes. She also mentioned establishing chair in Marcus Garvey studies.

This article is useful because in most aspects of our lives education is the key to success. If education devalues then it will be a massive crisis in the country, hence, the effort needs to be made to uplift the transmission of knowledge and not focusing on



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