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Uniforms in School

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Most teenagers, when asked about wearing uniforms say they hate the idea. I am a teenager myself and before researching this topic I thought I would never wear them. I have found in my research numerous reasons uniforms should be implimented.

First, they protect us. You may be asking how an article of clothing can protect you. It is much more difficult to conceal a weapon in a uniform that it is to conceal it in a traditional baggy pair of jeans.

Second, uniforms eliminate competition. Students need to learn that school is not a fashion show. I know it's fun to go shopping for the latest trends and fads but school is a learning environment thus we should be there to learn, not check out who is wearing what.

Next, uniforms are much less expensive than traditional clothing worn by teens. Some schools provide programs where kids can receive

the uniforms at little or no cost.

In addition, it prepares students for the workplace by requiring them to dress in attire suitable for work. You may have heard you are what you wear. If you are dressed conservatively you are much more likely to act conservatively.

If all students wore uniforms, intruders to the school could be easily recognized. This could prevent unauthorized visits as well as incidents that could be more severe.

The biggest argument from opponents of uniforms is that they eliminate individuality. That is a bunch of crap. How is it that a person can be an individual when all kids dress alike? Okay so there are a few who get a little crazy with the multicolored hair or ripped jeans, to those people, I give props. I know they take a lot of shit from other kids. But, there are other ways to express yourself. Clothing is a material thing ( literaly) and if nothing else, if these kids had to wear uniforms, they could find other ways to express themselves. They could learn that what is in the inside is what matters most and that is how people should judge you. Not by what you are wearing.

In conclusion, school uniforms provide for a n overall better learning environment and that's why we go to school. TO learn.



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