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Underage Drinking - National Minimum Drinking Age Act

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Essay Preview: Underage Drinking - National Minimum Drinking Age Act

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Out of all the developed countries in the world America has one of the highest drinking age. In 1984 congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, this required states to raise their ages for purchase and public possession to 21 by October 1986 or loose 10% of their federal highway funds. This sparked controversy given that the many generation before this time could purchase alcohol whenever they felt fit to. There are many reasons why the drinking age should be lowered as well as stay the same. After researching and reading the article, I believe the reasons for lowering the drinking age overweigh the reasons not to.

According to CNN cultural drinking expert Dwight B. Heath, “Most developed countries allow young people to legally drink at 18”. Many countries around the world have the drinking age of eighteen including Belgium, Denmark, and Germany. Drinking at a younger age gives the drinker a chance to understand their drinking limits, and drink maturely faster. Teenagers in other countries are much more capable of drinking then American teenagers. Also teenagers in other countries are more educated in mature when it comes to drinking and driving. Teenagers not from the U.S. think that drinking and driving is an “American thing”. Since the drinking age is 16 in most other countries it gives time for the teen to learn how to drink maturley, so they realize the dangers of binge drinking, and driving and drinking. We should start to learn from other countries and see how there methods work for them and apply them to our country.

Another point in the idea of lowering the drinking age is it will eliminate the glamour and desire of drinking illegally. Teenagers naturally have the desire to rebel our laws to better the people is what this country was founded on, so changing the alcohol age limit changing to eighteen is something politicians should keep in mind. Without the lust to drink illegally, party heavily, and binge drinking. The sneaking around, buying illegal drinks, and drinking without experience is dangerous yet too common for American teenagers. To help avoid these situations, certain politicians believe an alcohol permit at the age of eighteen with background check. If the permit is not used maturely, the permit may be revoked. The permit is a great idea because it gives everyone a chance for mature fun but it’s up to the drinker to drink responsibly. Other politicians have issues changing laws or getting new



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