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Ukg’s Minimum Criteria Score to 80 : Why It Is Changed

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Essay Preview: Ukg’s Minimum Criteria Score to 80 : Why It Is Changed

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UKG’s Minimum Criteria Score to 80 : Why It Is Changed

In every education system, the role of teachers is very important. They are trained to deliver their knowledge to the students and trained the students to have better future by enhancing their ability. Some are also giving the students the hope to live a better life.

A teacher, in Indonesia, is expected to be competent enough not only in teaching subjects or delivering scientific knowledge, but they also have to enhance the students’ personality. Their competenciese, especially in pedagogic and professionalism to do what they are expected to do, are believed to be important and always are tested in order to enhance their ability in teaching. A test to qualify teachers in Indonesia is called as UKG or Uji Kompetensi Guru. It becomes a basic standard and criteria to score a teacher with its minimum criteria score. The minimum criteria score of UKG for 2017 has been raised to 80 from 5.5 in 2015. However, tThis riseing of the minimum criteria has been a contravention to every teachers in Indonesia. They thought that it will burden the workload of theirs that isn’t equal enough to their wage is one of the reasons of this contravention. But still there are some main reasons why there is a change in the minimum criteria of UKG by the ministry of education.

Based on PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) score in 2015, Indonesia got 403 points in Science, 386 points in Math, and 397 points in reading, which is in rank of 69 out of 76. This becomes a concern to the ministry of education because of the low score in International rank. After conducting some researches aboutin why it happened, one of the reasons is that teachers in Indonesia have very low competence. Teachers in Indonesia are also known for not enhancing their ability after being a teacher. They also lack of reading and not very modern and knowledgeable of applying technology and the strategy to teach. The ministry’s plan to increase the minimum criteria becomes a solution to improve the ability of the teachers and the outcome of Indonesia’s education.

With this improvement, it is expected that teachers will improve themselves more in their professionalism and knowledge in teaching base on Indonesia education system. Teachers are expected to be able to apply their knowledge in managing the class and the students, and createing a conducive environment for studying and learning. They are also expected to have good strategies in delivering the knowledge and the subjects by applying the technology and media around them. And They are expected to have a good system in scoring and observing the students.

With this



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