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Track Upgrade

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Topic: Track


  • Potholes that you trip on
  • Muddy
  • Rocks
  • Incapable of being used several days after rainy weather
  • Hard to use for running events
  • Its overall condition makes it unable to be used most of the time

Why it’s necessary/important:

You may not use the track regularly or even at all if you don’t take gym or extra curricular activities, but if you’ve been here since at least grade 9/10 you’ve been on that track for gym and know that it’s so easy to twist an ankle or fall. The track after any rainy day gets more and more potholes and has to be flattened quite a bit because of what the weather does to it so it’s never exactly good for use. The track team for the highschool can’t even simulate mock races on it because there are no lanes or areas that show where a 100m starts and ends, spikes that are meant to be used for running would be ruined if you ever used them on that track. It’s used by the elementary to highschool and every grade that has gym has to use the track at one point so why not make it a safe place for students to actually run on. With a proper track, using it would be an overall more enjoyable experience and it’ll be cool to use for spirit weeks and school events.

(ask people to put up their hands if they’ve every used the track to walk on or for gym etc)


Full tear down and remake of the track

Tracks cost a lot of money and this would be more of a project for the future



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