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Tomdum2: I Was Waiting for You

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Essay Preview: Tomdum2: I Was Waiting for You

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Tomdum2: i was waiting for you

Spunkster54: here i am

Tomdum2: yeah!

Spunkster54: how are you

Tomdum2: good

Tomdum2: you?

Spunkster54: i'm stressing

Tomdum2: with your wok?

Tomdum2: homework?

Spunkster54: homework

Spunkster54: i just got back from work though

Spunkster54: i have a big essay due tomorrow

Spunkster54: i'm going to ry to pull a all nighter

Tomdum2: and you haven't started?

Spunkster54: try

Tomdum2: good

Tomdum2: need suport?

Spunkster54: not good

Tomdum2: ok bad :-)

Tomdum2: support?

Spunkster54: sure

Tomdum2: how?

Spunkster54: i don't know, your the one offereing

Spunkster54: i'm actually looking on the net for a paper

Tomdum2: ok well I can help with that

Tomdum2: on what

Tomdum2: adoption?

Spunkster54: yup

Tomdum2: want help?

Spunkster54: i'm in right now

Spunkster54: sure!

Tomdum2: does it search all the sites or just it's site?

Spunkster54: i'm not sure

Tomdum2: ok hold on let me look

Spunkster54: okay

Spunkster54: are you there yet?

Tomdum2: i'm looking

Tomdum2: where

Tomdum2: there are many sights

Tomdum2: sites

Spunkster54: this is taking forever to download

Tomdum2: what is

Spunkster54: all these essays

Tomdum2: oh

Spunkster54: i called you earlier today

Spunkster54: but you weren't there

Tomdum2: i know

Tomdum2: sorry

Tomdum2: want to

talk now?

Spunkster54: i have to find an essay first

Tomdum2: ok

Tomdum2: i'm looking

Spunkster54: can you wait

Tomdum2: to talk?

Tomdum2: yes

Tomdum2: click on this


Spunkster54: i'm one step ahead of you

Tomdum2: oh

Tomdum2: been here?

Spunkster54: getting there

Spunkster54: thats what is taking so long

Tomdum2: oh

Tomdum2: there are a lot to chose from

Tomdum2: you have a good topic

Spunkster54: do I? I can't seem to find any

Tomdum2: click on that link i sent you

Spunkster54: i'm suck waiting for all there essays

Spunkster54: stuck

Tomdum2: Uploads/parents.txt Thu 3 Feb 100

adoption: 21

The Prevention Of Teenage Pregnancy Thu 13 Jan 100

adoption: 3

Uploads/wiren1.txt Thu 3 Feb 100

adoption: 3

Uploads/abortion.htm Thu 13 Jan 100

adoption: 2

Uploads/abort.htm Thu 13 Jan 100

adoption: 2

Uploads/org-adap.txt Fri 14 Jan 100

adoption: 2

Uploads/org-adap.htm Fri 14 Jan 100

adoption: 2

CConfuci Thu 13 Jan 100

adoption: 2

The Accomplishments of the Clinton Administration Thu 13 Jan 100

adoption: 2

Uploads/undergrd.htm Fri 14 Jan 100

Tomdum2: that's less than 1/4th of the essays I found

Spunkster54: pick a good one out and send it to me

Tomdum2: ok

Tomdum2: try to go here




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