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Titanic - Who Truly to Blame

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Who Truly To Blame

The sinking of the Titanic was a tragic event that claimed many lives. Who or what was really to blame for the loss of so many innocent lives. After examining all of the evidence. I have concluded that Captain Smith and his crew were the most significant cause in the tragedy of the titanic. I believe this to be the case because Captain Smith was responsible for the safety of the Titanic passengers and his crew ignored several iceberg warnings.

Many factors aside from Captain Smith also contributed to the tragic event on April 14, 1912. The pie graph shows that the design and construction and environmental factors had the least effects on why the Titanic sank. I chose to give design and construction the lowest percentage with 10% of the responsibility because before the ship set sail there was nothing wrong with the ship and the passengers were allowed to board.

Furthermore, environmental factors was the second lowest cause with only 40% because even though my research stated that there was nothing wrong with the ship and it had good durability to withstand the hit of the iceberg, Captain Smith and his crew should have been on the lookout and avoided the iceberg. This was a small factor because the factor of Captain Smith not being responsible is more important than this one. Also, these two factors were not as significant in the overall cause of why the titanic sank.

Other factors such The White Star Propaganda and life boat laws were involved in a more substantial way. Examining the pie graph, it shows that life boat laws has a percentage of 45% because there was not enough lifeboats for 8the amount of people on the Titanic. Also, they only allowed first class to go on the boats and skipped the lifeboat lessons so nobody new what to do when they had to get to safety. This makes me assume that it's Captain Smith the one to blame and his crew for no making sure that everyone knew what to do and not having enough lifeboats. The second highest percentage is assigned to The White Star Propaganda at 50%. I chose this as the most second important cause because even though it was Captain Smith’s fault for ignoring the iceberg warnings which caused the shipwreck, The White Star Propaganda made the passengers think that the Titanic was unsinkable and they did not go on the lifeboats because they thought they were safe. While all of the factors on the pie graph had an



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