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Three Strikes

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Is the three strikes law putting away more criminals like it was designed to do? In the article it states that when the three strikes law first came out critics predicted that the prisons would be overwhelmed by all the new inmates that would be on the way to their new homes. When studies were done on the law by the National Institute of Justice they found it was not as harsh as they had estimated. The studies done showed that in Washington only 85 people were sent to prison while 120 to 225 had been anticipated and in California they lower their five year projected numbers by 40,000.

In this article the author makes valid points that the Three Strikes Laws are really not doing what people wanted them to do they are sending less people to prison under the law. The other problems with the law are the backed up cases because defendants are more likely to take the case to trial because they know that this is there last chance at any type of freedom and they'll work harder at trying to keep it.

I think that the author of this article makes very good points about the law and if it is not doing what it was supposedly made to do we should amend it I see that there are flaws in the law it is to straight forward no room for interpretation. Laws should be made where different situations could be taken into account and also the individual.



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