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Three Great Rappers

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Three great rappers are lil Wayne, T.I., and Pastor Troy. First is lil Wayne he is the only child and was born in Hollygrove New Orleans. Lil Wayne's real name is Dewayne Michael Carter. Lil Wayne started rapping at local block parties; his performance at one of them caught the eye of Slim an owner of Cash Money Records at the time. At age 11 Wayne started to record freestyles on Baby's answering machine. Lil Wayne got signed with Cash Money. Wayne has been putting out mixtapes and doing his solo career collaborative albums (15 mixtapes, 5 solo albums, 6 collaborative albums).

Next is T.I. he was born in Atlanta Georgia and his real name is Clifford Harris. T.I. has 5 children; their names are Messiah Harris, Domani Harris, Deyjah Harris, and King Harris. T.I. was known as the "rubberband man" and self proclaimed "king of the South". T.I. was charged with violating his probation over a 2003 drug charge, and turned himself in. He was sentenced 3 years in prison. T.I. has been putting out 5 albums, 24 mixtapes, he has appeared on t.v. twice(2005 The O.C. and 2005 South Beach). He has 4 films one in stores and three are coming soon (2006 ATL, 2007 ATL 2, 2007 America Gangster, 2007 Ballers).

Finally is Pastor Troy was raised under the eyes of his parents Alfred and Sheryl Troy. Pastor Troy real name is Mizah Levar Troy and was born in College Park, Atlanta Georgia. Troy was exposed to many aspects of street life, the influence of which can be heard in the layers of his music. He attended Creekside High School in the Atlanta area; he also stayed in Montgomery, Alabama. Pastor Troy is also the leader of the rap group DSGB (Down South Georgia Boys). Pastor Troy has been on numerous mixtapes (4 my Hustlers, Hell 2 Pay and More) 9 singles and much more. To me these three rappers are on top of their game.



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