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Three Aspects: Cytology, Pathology and Physiology

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Essay Preview: Three Aspects: Cytology, Pathology and Physiology

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Three aspects: cytology,pathology and physiology

AIDS, academically called "acquired immune deficiency syndrome", has strong connections with three main fields which are pathology, cytologyand physiology. The further explanations are as follow.


For author's perspective, scientists should have knowledge about cytology. Because the treatments for AIDS and HIV are still unknown. The therapy still limited in slowing down the effect on cells which is caused by virus. HIV, the main trigger of AIDS, usually transmits by contacting membrane and bloodstream directly. (Science Daily, Accessed at 12 November, 2014). Maybe scientists should find something which can prevent the transition of HIV and cells. Also, HIV will attack the cell so that the cell can lose the immune ability or have some immune deficiencies. Scientists should dig deeper to find the exact reasons why cells lose deficiencies. Also, scientists may have knowledge which can provide methodology to locate potential cells or organs which may have large possibility to be infected, and try to figure ways to intensify their defense functions.


Pathologists can improve cells' immune system to resist losing immune ability immediately (Pathol, J. January 2008). They can find the reasons why people lost defense functions and find ways to extend patients' lives.Pathological knowledge can provide general principle of ideal medicines to remit AIDS through its weaknesses.Pathologists are able to analyze the features and signatures of HIV, and try to come up with some measures to weaken the negative effects of HIV and make the deficiency fixable.Currently, some researchesindicate that some spermicidal creams can perish HIV; however, there is no reliable evidence to prove if it can prevent the transmission of HIV. So pathologists may be able to dig deeper to figure out the reasons of transmission and find the cure to prevent the transmission.


Women can give it to their babies during pregnancy or childbirth. Physiologists can focus on solving spreading problems by figuring out the biologically spreading system in human body, and try to prevent further infection.The occurrence of AIDS is strongly affected by unprotected sex with an infected person or through the contact with an infected



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