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Three Admirable Souls

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April 27, 2005

Three Admirable Souls

There are different people that have certain qualities that make us admire them.

Some people have their own admirable souls. The three nationally known figures that I

admire and respect are Jackie Robinson, Billy Graham, and Condolezza Rice, due to all

of their recognizable tributes that they have given not only to their families but to

everyone around the world.

The first person I admire and respect is Jackie Robinson there are many reasons

for my admiration for Mr. Robinson. To begin with Jackie Robinson proved to be a man

of courage and self respect. He earned and proved this courage and self respect by

accepting a very challenging invitation to become the first African American to enter the

Major League Baseball, where there was only Caucasian players. For example, when he

first began to play he was faced with racism with this also came along, discrimination,

physical, and verbal abuse. While facing this racism, Jackie Robinson held on to proving

himself a man of self respect and looking forward to proving that a man should not be

valued or accepted by the color of his skin, but by the inward person, which makes us

who really are. Jackie Robinson behaved like a gentleman despite of all the challenges

before him and so by doing this he gained respect by those around him and opened

opportunities for other African American players to enter the National Baseball League.

These are the qualities of Jackie Robinson courage, humbleness, and self respect that

have come to make me admire and respect him.

The second person that I admire and respect is Billy Graham. Billy Graham is a

world famous evangelist that has been called to preach the Gospel according to his

religious belief. Billy Graham began his ministry in the United States and England for

the "Youth of Christ Crusade", which eventually led him to have large-scale evangelistic

campaign in Los Angeles in 1949. I admire his dedication to his ministry because he has

taken the gospel so that every one will have an opportunity to receive salvation according

to his religious belief. Billy Graham is still obedient to the calling of his ministry because

of his fifty six years of preaching and at the age of eighty seven his obedience is still

having an influence on young and older people. Those who have had an encounter with

Mr. Graham have had their faith stronger and have spiritually grown. Billy Graham's

obedience and faithfulness has made me come to admire and respect him.



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