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Be in a high emotional state, stay in a high emotional state, and things will be fine. Don't worry about tommorrow, for tommorrow is not promised to you, live in the moment, but live as it were your last. Do not worry, worry only compounds to the misery you feel. Don't feel bad about something you can not change, because you can't change it. Don't let people affect the way you handle yourself. Don't change for anyone, unless it's good change and it's for yourself. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and if they wrong you, treat them still the way you want to be treated. Always, always always, forgive a person no matter what they do. Malice only eats away at you. Being mad won't change you, niether will revenge help you or any situation you may be in. You may feel good for a minute, but after that minute what would it have changed about anything you were mad at? If you must leave from a situation, do so gracefully and walk away, hold your head high, and never let them see if you're hurt. Don't GET hurt over stupid stuff, unless you're near death, nothing else really matters, because you'll get through it. Time does move on, and it does heal anything, and anything is possible even if you feel that immediately it is not. Build a solid foundation in all the things you do, for with a solid foundation, you always have something to fall back on and rebuild. Trial, pain, misery, hardship...all these words should be removed from the dictionary, and every place these words exist they should replace it with oppurtunity. Take what you learn and apply it to new things. The best is always around the corner. Luck is when hard work and oppurtunity meet. So be prepared to always work hard, and turn your trials into oppurtunity...and who knows maybe you'll get lucky ; )

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so if you catch one, and it seems like the best thing you've ever caught, don't be afraid to throw it back. There is always something bigger, better and better yet...undiscovered, that's the wonder of life. You can always do better than you think you can, as long as you apply yourself. You might not always walk the right path, but always move forward, and walk straight, for if you keep moving forward, even if you stray from the beaten path, you'll find your way out. Be a light in darkness, for you never know when someone around you is having a worst day than you. Smile, they are contagious, and you can make someone's day. Don't believe the bullshit. That's all it is bullshit. Don't believe anything unless it's proven to you. Experiment on your own, formulate your own opinions and experiences, why live life on the basis others have made. Listen to those that are wiser than you (not nescarily older) because they'll help you out. Keep your mind open to any possibility, you could have never told someone 100 years ago that we would walk on the moon. Make your own path through this world and I promise it'll be the best experience of your life. The most cliche things, can also be the most true things.

Your mood is determined by you, not others, don't



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