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Things You Might Expect to Find About a Company's Culture by Observing the Layout and the Design of It's Production Facility.

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Essay Preview: Things You Might Expect to Find About a Company's Culture by Observing the Layout and the Design of It's Production Facility.

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The things you might expect to find about a company's culture by observing the layout and design of it's production facility, depends upon the behaviors and values and leadership of the company. ( Bove'e, Thill & Mescon, page 243 )

Their are four types of facility layouts.The first is the Process Layout and they produce made to order products. There you would have specialized employees, and materials involved in various phases of the production process. Examples; machine shops,service industries, and medical clinics.You might expect to find a positive culture, where employees would be responsible, productive, and accountable. Due to the nature of their duties. This would be a high stress job. ( Bove'e, Thill, & Mescon, page 299).

Second type, Product layout, or Assembly-line layout. They produce large quantities of just a few products. Products would move from one work station to the next and the flow of production is continuous. Examples; automotive, and personal computer manufactures. You might expect to find people working in a fun atmosphere with teamwork, and performance objectives, more layed back. A productive workplace and culture. (Bove'e, Thill & Mescon, page 299 ).

The third type Cellular layout. Here you would have mass customization, assembly. Lots of different workcenters to aid in teamwork and flexability. Small groups or cells that facilitate teamwork and joint problem solving. Employees working on products from start to finish. Example; computer chip manufacturer, or metal fabrication. You might exppect to find employees working in a fun atmosphere, teamwork, comrodery, positive culture, and very rewarding.People proud of accomplishments. ( Bove'e, Thill,& Mescon,page 301 ).

Fourth type Fixed-position layout, or service type layout. Employees and materials are brought out to product because product is too large to bring to facility. Example; buildings, roads, bridges, airplanes,and ships. Then you have your plumbers, electritians, and carpenters.I would think that type four would be less favorable because too many things can happen between the shop and the job and your not in a controled atmosphere any more. You can still have a positive culture there you just have to work harder.



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