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The World and Islam

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The Islamic religion, founded by Muhammad, has affected this world with a variety of ways. In 732, the religion was in full effect with people from the Middle East to North Africa learning about Islam and the Koran. The Islamic people, Muslims, had different attitudes toward life and what life was about compared to other religions across the globe. They believed those who were in the religion would live in paradise; thus, if they died fighting for the Islamic religion, they would automatically be rushed into paradise. This made the Muslim warriors have a high morale and rush into fight without any fear of death. Their new passionate faith in this religion kept their hopes high to conquer and spread the religion. With their new confidence, they were able to control many lands from Spain to the west-side of Asia. They were able to take over other lands and make the people convert to Islam, pay a tax, or die. They changed the society that was used across the lands and brought a new religion that would keep the people high in assurance that they'll always have a good spirit.

In today's society, we still see the Islamic religion affect the world around us. A Islam militant named Osama bin Laden has been using this religion to get people on his side and attack other countries for the good of Islam. He thinks more killings will get his people closer to paradise. This militant and his terrorist group have told US that they are declaring a holy war on US; thus, the United States have struck back with missiles to destroy some of their weapons and arsenal. The Islamic religion has affected many things in this world from the past and present, which proves this is a popular religion in many cultures




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