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The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War

Vietnam was a long and vigorous war because it consisted of two sides that wanted different things. The main reason why North Vietnam was fighting South Vietnam was because the North wanted to spread communism. The south did not want that so they called the U.S. for help. I do not agree with the U.S. joining the Vietnam War for many reasons. First, it was not our war so we should not send over troops to die for someone else's civil war. Second, the U.S. would be killing million of acres of another countries forest. Finally, the U.S. would have to kill innocent civilians' inorder to take out the Vietcong because they use people as shields. If another country ever did any of those things to the U.S., I'm sure that the U.S. would not appreciate it and would retaliate as hard as possible.

Joining the Vietnam was the wrong way to go. We made ourselves look really bad in the public eye and started lots of protest pertaining to the killing of innocent people. When we went through Agent Orange and used poisons on forest, we killed millions of acres of trees and wildlife. That made us look bad because since the Vietcong hide in the jungle, the only way to get to them was by doing that. Even though we are allies with the South Vietnam, we should not waste our own military to fight a war that is dealing with just one country. If the U.S. entered Vietnam they would have to spend lots of money, send plenty of aid, and end up losing a lot of casualties.

The Vietnam War was a war that we should not have got involved in. We lost hundreds of thousands of men, hundreds of thousands more ended up injured, and in the end we looked like the bad guys. We killed innocent civilians, burnt down forests, and destroyed wildlife. The U.S. joining the war was a very bad mistake because even



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