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The Truth About Ed Gein.

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Essay Preview: The Truth About Ed Gein.

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Edward Theodore Gein

My biography is on Ed Gein. What he did inspired movies and books such as: Psycho, Silence of The Lambs, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He is known as "The Ghoul of Plainfield." Ed lived a troubled life and was never what we would consider "normal". He was one of the smartest and most troubled minds of his time.

Ed Gein I believe had a large difficult situation know as his everyday life growing up. His father was an alcoholic always coming home smelling of booze. As you can imagine this cause a lot of arguments and fights between his father and his mother who was bent on striking the fear of god into every person she met. Very seldom did they go into town for church because the preacher didn't give the same fear and luster that his mother gave. Ed because he was a silent and abnormal boy was constantly bullied and made fun of during school so he kept to himself.

Around the farm his brother Henry and his father did most of the chores while Ed kept his nose buried into his books and comics that he loved. Ed's father fell ill and soon died after wards. This gave his mother and his brother a few more things to do around the farm until Henry mysteriously died in a forest fire. This left nobody to get in the way between himself and his mother. She was his universe until he turned about 39 and she up and died and left him here alone. After the tragic loss of his mother is when he started to do things that made him famous, or should I say infamous.

Here is where all the doctor and anatomy books came to use, he used his knowledge to do his sick and twisted deeds. I could name many things he did but I only have room for one. One thing he did was dig up newly dug woman's graves. He tells how he would go out on full moon nights. He tells of one time the casket collapsed and it would be impossible to take the whole body so he decided to only take parts of his victim. He tells how he had no trouble cutting the flesh from her throat and the gristle of her trachea, but he ran into a problem, he didn't have a saw to cut the spine. No way was this going to stop our friend Ed after he put in this much work, so he started to slowly rock her head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth till it snapped and rolled into his hand. He then opened up the bottom part of the casket and took the one thing he didn't have.




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