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The Treasure of Math Island Lecture Summary

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"The Treasure of Math Island Lecture Summary"

This lecture that professor told us, showed how math is every where and in everything. Math is so important that without it the world wouldn't be able to function. All information from nature to everyday life that we have now is in some way, somehow touched by math. From light travel at dawn and the symmetry in snowflakes too space travel and the hassle of parallel parking all have mathematical properties. Professor dates math back to the birth of the universe when all matter was created. Back in ancient time's math was used in producing food and early trade. Crop producers and livestock owners would calculate how much, water and land they needed to produce and live off of. And when other people started to produce different crops and animals came about, they started to exchange different amounts of what they produced for other people's goods. Thus math created Trade, which is very vital to all of the country's economics to this date. Babylonian tablets depict mathematic equations as early as 1500 B.C. For thousands of years now the human race has studied mathematical properties leading to all kinds of breakthroughs in technology, science, biology of organisms, and life. Professor emphasized on how math is the key component in robots and computers. Different mathematical equations and properties are the brains of these creations. They tell robots were to move, how to move, detection of different objects and basically how to think on their own. Computers program these machines and all computers are, numbers one's and zero's. We are only at the tip of the iceberg with these inventions there is still a lot more to learn not just with technology but with life and nature that math will help us uncover and discover.



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