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The Threat of Cyber Hacking

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Essay Preview: The Threat of Cyber Hacking

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The Threat of Cyber Hacking

Mattie Walton

POLS 210

December 10, 2017

Professor Mark Fischer

The Threat of Cyber Hacking


        One of the most critical issues that is being debated concerning the American National Security is the threat of cyber hacking. The transformation in the system of technology and its application drives numerous concerns regarding the security issues related to cyber security. Indeed, this has been coined to be a form of a nuclear bomb attacking numerous information using Internet. The connectivity to several types of confidential information is the primal element that lured the issue that relates to national security. The United States has been very particular in eradicating the national threat that is potential to penetrate critical information of different offices and usage of such information to create more chaotic acts and destroy national security.  “The private sector has an important role to play in supporting the federal cybersecurity efforts” (Andreasson, 2012, p.19).

Solutions to Cyber Hacking

        There are numerous acts to counterattack the norms of cyber hacking. The support of the government is palpable to ensure national security on cyber-attack will be eradicated. The following are the competing solutions to this problem:

  1. Combat hackers through government agencies.

Fighting hackers through formed alliances such as the FBI, and Homeland Security are to name a few that supports the act to counteract any malicious act of cyber control. The government has developed security awareness training to ensure that the premises of the government and its people are properly aware regarding the allegations regarding the cyber hacking. More so, this provides intense security on the overall for the reduction of crimes driven by information intrusion, triggering attacks, and different forms of fraud.

  1. Government to optimize cybersecurity programs

The government uses enterprise security intelligence solution to build a framework that will continuously enforce security policies, “major governmental programs have taken shape such as Cyber command” (Singer and Friedman, 2014, p.198). This also detect threats and can initiate defenses against cyber hacking.


Between the two-competing solutions against cyber hacking, it is plausible to enact what the Federal government has initiated in creating more valuable solutions through proper coordination and implementation of cyber-attack resources. The collaboration of the Federal government with one of the leading market solutions for Information Technology, IBM showed greater emphasis to valuing solutions to cyber threats and all other facets that envelopes the national security threat. Optimizing the cyber security programs will enable the nation to be more cautious and aware of the different occurrences that relates with penetrating critical information that will lead to various crimes in the global market and amongst communities.



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