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The Subtleties of Men and Women

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Essay Preview: The Subtleties of Men and Women

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There are many things to be said about men and women. No one can pretend they know everything about the two. A vast majority of people want to study the relationship between men and their counterparts. One could say that it is made too complicated when it starts when it starts getting into the psychoanalytical studies. Men are put out there as more dominant leaders, and women and women start to feel like they have something to prove to society by proving they too can do just as well. Being that by nature human beings are subject to their own greed, thus women will go to great lengths to prove they can do as men do. The Civil Rights Act was extended towards women too. As a result of that it opened the door for women for women to participate in more things only men were allowed. Some men and women do not even get along. Perhaps to see and understand, certain differences should be looked at such as interest, hobbies, and habits.

If the interests are looked at one would see they are clearly not the same. A typical male will have a favorite sports team in which he watches every game. There are many other interests like hunting, fishing, and just about any outdoor activity. A weekend well planned would consist of camping, fishing, and a nice fire at the end of the day. Generally, women would rather not watch football or basketball games. They would rather go to the mall and see what sales are going on. However there are some girls who would rather get dirty with the boys, as opposed to doing hair or having a sleepover.

Men and women also have different hobbies. A man will get real involved with his car. He will want to modify the engine to make it faster. It is in a way competitive to do it on one's own. Coming from man's nature it is an exhilarating feeling to brag about what he has done with it. Also a man likes to brag about the deer he shot or the fish he caught. On the other side of the road man's counterpart typically likes to plant flowers or do some sort of crafts. They would rather stay cleaner and engage in something that will not get them greasy. Maybe it is due to women having more patience or just that men do not see that as very masculine.

It is said that men practice bad habits. For instance, when a man feels bad he is less likely to got o the doctor. I t is almost as if man was trained to be unresponsive to pain and illness. It would be nearly impossible to change man's unhealthy habits.



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