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The Satera Team at Imatron Systems

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Essay Preview: The Satera Team at Imatron Systems

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1. What are some of the root causes of the conflict between Lovas and Bennett?

Both Lovas and Bennett have developed a design but cannot agree to validity of each other design. The collaboration for the design of the image system is nonexistent. It is adversely affecting the group as a whole. Bennett in his design approach is not providing any positive feedback for Lovas and his ideas. Intrapersonal relationship conflict between two lead engineers is destroying the team cohesion.

Bennett is not good at working with a team. He does not take criticism well and this affects the success of Satere team.

Lovas is not very creative and innovative with what he designs. Despite the fact that he is a very competent engineer and he has the most seniority of any of the engineers on the team, he does not seem to present his ideas with confidence. Lovas does not display confidence and does not take Bennett’s criticism in a positive manner.

The structure of the Satera team has only one individual assigned to a specific component with the exception of the imaging system which is headed by both Bennett and Lovas. The team as a whole has been affected by the tension between Lovas and Bennett. The team members afraid to step in and say anything because they don’t want to offend the project leaders.

Lack of communication is the root cause of this conflict as many members on the team have no idea what is happening on other parts of project. Another root cause is the lack of trust developed to form an effective partnership/

2. What is your decision on how the structural design should proceed?

Conflicts are costly and reduce both morale and motivation. The management must be trained to resolve these types of conflicts. The Satera team structural design should be a flexible organization where inter-personal relationships should be emphasized and improved. Interpersonal skills should be integrated into corporate culture.

The leader of each component of the project should be clearly defined. Pinto should determine a supplemental manager who should work closely with the entire team. Meetings should be held on a weekly basis to ensure group and personal goals being met. The conflicts should be brought to attention in person in these meeting.

3. How



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