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The Room

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Well, my friend, Jen, and I went down to 3 Ð'Ð... to see what some of our friends were doing at the time; that is when we got to CJ's room. We asked him what he was doing, he was not doing anything, then he asked us if we knew of any parties, and we didn't that is why we went down to his room. So then we began to walk around their floor and that is when we came upon Kevin but at this time we had no idea who he who he was. Then he asked if we wanted some beer because he had it in his room. So CJ, Jen, and I went back to CJ's room and started to look at the movies. Jen had picked out Coach Carter, by this time Kevin had the beers out and he handed one to everyone. I told them I didn't want one but they said just to take one to drink it. So I opened it and then just held on to it. Jen asked me if I was going to drink it and I said that I would. Then I sat the beer on the ground. Jen by this time had two beers and I am not sure about Kevin and CJ. Then the movie was over and they got on the topic of me and my really close guy friend Jake. They kept saying that things had happened between us and when I said that nothing happened, they didn't believe me so Jen ran to Jake's room to get him and they said that was going to ruin their plans. By this time Ryan had been in there for about an half an hour and then he said that he'd had to go and he would talk to us tomorrow. He left and CJ said that, that just wasted a half an hour of their time. So I finally gave my beer to Jen, they started to tell me I needed to loosen up and not be so tense. So, they started to ask me and Jen questions like when was the last time you had sex, and they asked Jen what is the fastest to get to your O. They also asked me when was the last time that I had made out with a guy. Then Kevin and CJ both said that maybe if I had sex, I would be more relaxed. I said that I didn't want to have sex because I am not the type to go and have sex with anyone. I had a bad experience with something like this before, and I didn't want to have sex until I was ready; I was not ready to do it. Then they asked me if I ever get horny, I didn't respond to the question, they said that you have to get horny, and when I do, what do I do about it. They told us that they get horny in class, during practice, and at all the wrong times. When people get personal with me I respond with a "I don't know" and that is what I kept saying. Then they told me to go over to the other half of the room to talk to Kevin, CJ said that he and Jen would be over there and that we were only going to talk. So after they kept telling me to go over and talk with him, I went over and sat on the edge of the bed. Then he asked me to come and lay with him, so I didn't think that anything was going to happen. Then he began to ask me if he could do something, I said that depends on what that was, and he motioned for my breast. I shook me head and he laid back down. Then a few minutes later he asked me again, then Jen and CJ left the room to go



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